Newsletter Archive

December 2021

Ahead of the series and associated paper’s launch, Ashley Wearne, GET.transform Africa Lead, speaks about productive use of energy (PUE) – topic  GET.transform analyzed closely this year – highlighting five noticeable shifts.

September 2021

Insightful piece by William Brent, Chief Marketing Officer of Husk Power, interview with Jessica Stephens, CEO of AMDA and Chairperson of the MGP Steering Committee and a piece about SEforALL’s Mini-Grids Emissions Tool!

June 2021

Interview with Afhan Hannan, CEO of Okra Sola, selection of relevant reports and updates from the sector.

March 2021

Launch of the AfDB Africa Mini-Grid Acceleration Programme (AMAP), selection of relevant reports and updates from the sector.

December 2020

Op-ed by Aaron Leopold, CEO of AMDA and Chairperson of MGP Steering Committee, blog post by the Mini-Grids Funders Group, selection of relevant reports and updates from the sector.

October 2020

Selection of relevant news from the mini-grid sector across Africa and Asia and overview of mini-grids market reports.

May 2020

Update on UK DFID support to Green Mini-Grids in Africa, latest sector developments in context of COVID-19 and more.

February 2020

Interview with Energy Action Partners, TFE Energy op-ed and more resources.

November 2019

Covers interviews with Togolese Rural Electrification and Renewable Energies Agency, Rocky Mountain Institute, and more resources.

August 2019

Covers innovators in the mini-grids market, an update from a Mini-Grids Partnership meeting, and more resources.

April 2019

Covers an interview with CrossBoundary Energy Access, an annual update on UK DFID work in Green Mini-Grids, and more.

January 2019

Covers an interview with the African Association for Rural Electrification, report on energy access to populations, and more.

November 2018

Covers the Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP Africa), report by Energy for Impact on mini-grid training needs assessment and more.

August 2018

Covers an interview with the Managing Director, Nigerian Rural Electrification Agency, the Africa Mini-Grid Developers Association, and more.

June 2018

Covers an editorial by the MGP Steering Committee Chair, includes the report by Navigant Research on distributed energy resources, and more.

February 2018

Covers an update from the UK DFID support to the Green Mini-Grids sector in Africa, an evaluation of the Nigerian Energy Support Program, and other news.

September 2017

Covers analysis of the link between mini-grids and productive growth, the formation of the African Mini-Grid Developers Association (AMDA), and other news.

August 2017

Latest sector updates and an a feature on an interesting new USAID’s programme in Kenya

July 2017

All the latest updates from the mini-grid sector!

January 2017

Covers details on how to join the Mini-Grid Partnership (formerly HIO), an update on the DFID supported Green Mini-Grids program in Africa and other news.

October 2016

Covers a World Bank staffer’s account of electricity provision to Myanmar’s off-grid communities through mini-grids,and Navigant Research’s work on microgrid markets.

June 2016

Covers the operation of modeling software such as HOMER in making a business case for mini-grid deployment, and other news.

March 2016

Covers the Indian government’s policy changes in favor of renewable energy based mini-grids, the case for Solar Nano-Grids in Kenya and other news.

December 2015

Covers an analysis of programs operated by Green Mini­Grids Africa, profiles the work by OMC Power and SparkMeter, and other news.