State of the Global Mini-grids Market Report 2020

State of the Global Mini-grids Market Report 2020 is a Mini-Grids Partnership report published by BloombergNEF and Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL).

The report aims to raise awareness about mini-grids, mobilizing investments in the mini-grid sector and serving as a benchmark to measure progress in the sector for decision-makers. It provides the latest updates on the global mini-grids market and highlights key trends in the industry that, together, can stand as the definitive source of information for stakeholders.

The Challenge

Today 789 million people, or around one in ten individuals worldwide, still live without electricity – 78% of whom live in just 20 countries, all of them in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. For a significant portion of these people, clean energy mini-grids will be the least-cost option for reliable electricity access compared with the two main alternatives: grid extension and stand-alone systems. However, despite the interest and activity around development of clean energy mini-grids, the pace at which they are being developed and financed remains slow. To address these barriers, we need a more cohesive, efficient, and strong mini-grids sector. This requires greater collaboration and coordination amongst the various stakeholders including funders/financiers, governments, industry/private sector and other enablers.

Our Aims

The Mini-Grids Partnership aims to create a thriving global mini-grids sector to help achieve SDG7. The Partnership uses the collective experience of its members and its unique relationship with leading development partners to:

  • Champion the sector and help shape policy for public and private sector mini-grid development
  • Coordinate sector knowledge and action
  • Broker partnerships
  • Support finance and de-risking mechanisms, business models, and opportunities
  • Promote international standards and quality assurance frameworks

The Partnership convenes a global network, hosting regular calls with the Steering Committee members, as well as events with the Partnership members. The Partnership also publishes industry newsletters that capture the latest sector research, tools, and developments. The Partnership also hosts thematic working groups, which are demand-driven and focused on delivering tangible outputs and deliverables.

Steering Committee